The Legend of Alunsina

Alunsina – The name of our handbound book business was derived from a legend of the Tumandok, an indigenous group from the Panay Islands in the Visayas, that tells the tale of their goddess, Alunsina, who defied the wishes of her husband, the god Tungkung Langit.

The story began when Alunsina ran away from her husband in anger after Tungkung Langit forbade her to use her powers as a creator.  Tungkung Langit wallowed in despair in her absence, until he saw beneath their house in the heavens the earth that Alunsina created to prove to her husband (and most importantly to herself) that she can also be a creator.

Tungkong Langit tried to persuade his wife to return to their kingdom in the heavens, but the goddess had turned deaf to his pleas. To be able to be with his wife, he transformed himself into raindrops that fall down on the land and waters, fertilizes and brings life on the goddess Alunsina, who became earth.

The legend of Alunsina, the first feminist goddess, had inspired many poets and artisans alike. We hope that our products will also serve as an inspiration to our customers to create.

*The retelling of the legend was based on the writing of Rene Villanueva

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